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The Universal Packing List

After a very restful weekend I’m back in the blogosphere with a ton to do for the SITS Challenge, so here goes 😛

I came across this website whilst playing with my new Stumbleupon toolbar..

The Universal Packing List:

For those of you who like lists like me you’ll love this website.

First put in all the details of your holiday, including things like your gender, the temperature is in the country you will be visiting (if you don’t know don’t fret! There’s a handy little link that will help you out) and tons of others to make sure your list is perfect for your holiday.

Once your done click the button at the button at the bottom and you’ll have your list!

Like me some people may have an aversion to this type of application, Writing lists for yourself is always fun right?

If I were to use this app for me I’d probably use it as backup, there’s always something you forget before you leave so why not have an extra mind jolt.

The list categorizes different points for your packing, here were the headers for mine..

  • To do for most trips, this includes things you need to do before leaving your home for example, unplug electrical appliances and buy maps.
  • To do for longer trips, same as above but for if you are going for a long span of time, things like turn down temperature on your water heater and empty your fridge are included.
  • Core Vaccinations, you may or may not need vaccinations for your trip but having a look over this part can’t hurt, its important that you keep things like tetanus vaccinations up to date!
  • Destination specific Vaccinations, If your going to a high risk area it’s likely that you will already know the vaccinations you need, however this is good just in case

Now to the actual packing..

  • Clothes, Pretty self explanatory eh, this list includes Unisex Clothes/Clothes for Women/Shoes/Optional Clothes and Clothes for cold weather.
  • Basic Documents, Thing like passport, Id and Health Insurance cards are here.
  • Optional Documents, includes photocopies of your passport and other documents and Addresses/Phone numbers of embassies.
  • For Money and Documents, basically things to carry those all important things!
  • Tickets
  • Maps,  So you won’t get lost and know how to get to areas that you need to be in.
  • Books, Just books that you may want to take including novels and guidebooks.

The list will then include things for Hygiene, Health (From your Insect repellent to Tablets/Medicines) and finally Electrical Equipment.

So as you can see the list covers everything that you could possibly think of, if you and your family are off on an adventure any time soon then I recommend using this app. Why not even print it off and stick it up somewhere whilst ticking off the stuff you have already packed 🙂