10 Important Things to Remember When Going on Holiday.

Traveling abroad can be massive amounts of fun, although you want to make sure you and whoever you are holidaying with are safe. During my endless surfing sessions of the web I’ve Things you might need on your holidaycompiled a top ten list of things to remember whilst traveling, here goes..

1.  First and probably most important for trying to leave the country, Remember your passport and travel documentation (Tickets and/or itinerary’s) . If you don’t have those things, your pretty much stuffed.

If you’ve got a lot of traveling to do it’s probably a good idea to keep all important documents/passports in the same place!

Make copies of your passports and when you are on your holiday keep the important things in a hotel safe don’t carry it around with you on excursions out.

2.  Make sure you have Travel Insurance, God forbid anything happen you don’t want to be caught off guard, shop around for good deals with your insurance but don’t skimp on anything, make sure you read what your policy covers and doesn’t cover.

3.  Try not to take valuables with you, Jewelry and expensive technology (Laptops, Mobile Phones) will be a burden to carry with you and another thing to worry about the whole time. If you want to take things like cameras then make sure they are on your person somewhere that you can keep track of it at all times.

4. Money! A very important part of the holiday, being caught without money is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you whilst in a foreign country. If you’re traveling with credit cards take two, one that you will use when out and about, this one you want to carry with you as normal. The second one will be back up, keep it stashed in a suitcase and remember where it is.  You can do the same with notes if you plan to carry this with you, put some in different places so you always have some somewhere.

5. Get a book about the country or countries you are visiting, learn as much as you can about the culture before you travel. Guide books will usually tell you about the good/bad places in  a city, so take that into account. Also make use of websites like Trip Advisor, the forums are great for getting a feel of the area you are going to.

6. Make lists. Write down the things you need for your trip, and tick them off as you buy them and add them to your suitcase. As a woman I know that feeling you get when packing that you need those extra pair of shoes because they go with that outfit, but trust me you don’t want to be carrying around huge suitcases all the time. If you are going on a trip like mine with a lot of travel on trains then it might be a better idea to take backpacks instead of suitcases, they will fit easier on the train plus they are so much easier to carry.

7. If you are traveling to an area of high risk remember to get yourself and your family vaccinated in the right amount of time before you leave. You might also want to take mosquito nets depending on the place you are holidaying.

8. Make sure you are punctual for all traveling times, have your itinerary to hand at all times so you can get an idea of the times that you need to be at the airport or station. The transport waits for nobody 😛

9. Always remember to fix your house before you leave, Lock everything including windows. Tell a neighbor that you’re going away and leave them with a key if you need someone to feed the fish or water the plants. Throw away perishable foods from you fridge and cupboards.

10. Remember to have fun! It’s your holiday so enjoy it.


Introduction to the family

"Where we begin our journey"

There are four of us who will be going on the trip, my mum Kittie, my younger sister Kristen, my boyfriend Jim and me Gemma.

We also have a dog called Fig, we are going to have to leave him behind (In kennels) as taking him would be cruel because of all the travel, in fact he can hardly sit still for 5 minutes when we are at home let alone traveling on trains for over 10 hours! I can say from experience that he would not enjoy that. (We traveled with him once before on a weeks holiday down south to Charmouth, the journey was about 5 hours by train and by the time the train got to the other end Fig was practically ready to tear up and down the carriages!) As part of my blog I’m also going to be writing about Fig, and his holiday too 🙂

The four of us live together in London and we enjoy traveling, since I can remember we have always been going on holiday, but one of the continents I would say is least explored by us is Europe, although living in England we have had perfect opportunity we usually go abroad to places like America or Japan, So I’m looking forward to exploring the places nearer to home.

Traveling will be a big part of the adventure for us as we are going to get to Finland without using planes, Yes it would probably be cheaper and yes it’s definitely a hell of a lot faster! but traveling across the unfamiliar terrain is something very exciting that will hopefully add to the whole experience.

My plan is to carry a camera with me and shoot as much of the holiday as I can, I will also be writing a travel diary and I will be uploading that on here (probably as a separate blog) once we are back home.

So that’s basically us, Thanks for reading and update soon.


Hello WordPress!

So, this is the first of my hopefully many blog posts about my familys upcoming trip to Finland. this time next year, in summer 2011 we will be set to embark on a trek across Europe and Scandinavia. Starting of in our hometown of London, England, we will travel through 7 countries eventually ending up in Lapland, Finland.

My blogging will be mainly about how we are planning for the trip, things we will need to be prepared for, items we will be taking with us, things we plan to see and do in the countries we stay in, where we will stay and much much more.