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The Friday Review: Long Way Round

Some of you may or may not have seen this DVD, released in 2004. For wannabe travellers and travel¬†enthusiasts¬† it’s a must see.

The idea for the show is Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman travelling around the world from London to New York using their motorbikes. All in all they travelled 18,887 miles (30,396 km) visiting twelve contries , They started in April 2004 and ended their journey in July of the same year.Ewan and Charley on their bikes.

I had a great time watching the programme, you feel as though you are with them on the journey and it will give you the want to go travelling for sure!

The show also gives great insight into the different issues you come across when travelling, whilst filming Charley and Claudio von Planta (The cameraman who rode alongside Charley and Ewan) were both subject to thieves, which is a huge problem, it just goes to show even if your famous with cameras around you, you can still be targeted.

The 3 men had tons of trouble when crossing the swollen rivers in some of the remotest parts of Siberia and Mongolia and when they came to the Road of Bones they found a severe lack of bridges causing them to have some heart clenching moments whilst getting over the swift moving water on the huge trucks of some fellow travellers.

They used the trip to bring attention to the charity UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), during their trip they took time out to visit some of their work including an orphanage for children affected by the Chernobyl Disaster.

The men had training before they left too help them if they came into contact with any hostile environments and they also took first aid training (but brought a doctor along with them anyway). The whole journey they were trailed by their producers in off road vehicles along with an extra cameraman and the doctor.

Seeing as the trio sustained quite a few¬†injuries¬†along the way I’m sure they were very glad they had doctor help on the trip, For example Ewan somehow managed to get petrol sprayed into his eyes on two separate occasions causing him extreme pain.

The show ended well however, they made it to NYC with all body parts attached!

After the first show there have been a few follow ups including: Long Way Down (Scotland to Cape Town, again with the motorbikes), Race to Dakar where Charley participated in the Dakar Rally and he has also done solo trips as another TV series named By Any Means.

If you’ve never¬†travelled¬†to Europe before this is a great way to learn a little about it and maybe even get those wheels turning for your next holiday.

If you’d like to buy the DVD/Books then check it out over on Amazon where you can buy it for¬†quite¬†a cheap price.

If you’d like to find out more about UNICEF and the work they are doing all over the globe take a look at these websites. (US Website) (UK Website)

Out and About: London Underground

Travelling¬†to a new country can be a daunting prospect,¬†there’s¬†new¬†things¬†to see and hear, new things to taste and experience and along side all that¬†there’s¬†new forms of transport with huge networks that you need to try and navigate.

London is a city that boasts 11 different underground tube lines (not including the overground ones which also go into London)  with over 250 stations, So I understand when holidaymakers get confused trying to work out where they are now or where they are going. Even I still get lost sometimes and I live here!

Hopefully this post will help you understand the system a little better and take away some of those pre holiday worries!

First of all you’re going to need to work out where you are staying, the closer to the¬†centre¬†of London the more expensive hotels will become and the further out the cheaper they will be. If you want to stay in a cheaper hotel but still holiday in London don’t worry, there are many train lines that connect to London. Most of the time it will take you about 15-20 mins to get to the tubes if your coming in from the outskirts.

London Underground Lines.

  • Bakerloo Line (Brown Line)

The Bakerloo Line starts off in Harrow (Northwest London) and ends in Elephant and Castle (Southeast London), This line used to be called Baker street & Waterloo Railway hence the name Bakerloo.

  • Central Line (Red Line)

The Central Line runs East to West across London from Epping to West Ruislip (Pronounced Rye-Slip). The central line is the second busiest due to it running through the middle of some very important places including Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Bank and Liverpool Street. If you are a tourist in London you will probably end up using the central line.

  • Circle (Yellow Line) and District (Green Line) Lines

The circle line is a loop on the North side of the Thames, It has stops in some major areas of London including Kings Cross and Victoria. For part of the line the District Line runs¬†parallel to the bottom edge of the circle Line. The rest of the district line runs East to West, it’s the third busiest tube in our underground so rush hour on this line isn’t pretty..

  • Hammersmith and City Line (Pink Line)

The Hammersmith and City Line connects East to West, Hammersmith on the West end and Barking to the East.

  • Jubilee Line (Grey Line)

The Jubilee Line will take you all over London, From Stanmore in the Northeast, down into the Financial Centre (Canary Wharf) and then up into the East side of London through West Ham and finally ends at Stratford.

  • Metropolitan Line (Purple Line)

This is the oldest Undergroun Line in the world, The Metro Line begins in the middle of London at Aldgate and finishes at either Chesham, Amersham or Watford depending on where the train terminates.

  • Northern Line (Black Line)

Just as the name suggests the Northern Line stars off in the south at Morden and finishes up in the north at High Barnet, like a few of our other lines the Northern Line¬†branches, there are three different places the Northern Line will end up, If your going South from Barnet you’ll either get on the Charing Cross train or the London Bridge one, the line will split once you get to Camden Town and it’s crucially important that you get yourself on the correct train otherwise you’ll need to double back.

HINT: Listen to the announcements, the London Underground tends to be a place people rush through, make sure that you don’t get caught up in it and miss an¬†announcement.

  • Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue Line)

The Piccadilly Line goes from Cockfosters in North London, and then branches out to either Uxbridge in the NW or it will take you to Heathrow Airport to the SW. If you’re travelling into the¬†centre¬†of London after you land in Heathrow you’ll¬†probably¬†end up getting on the Piccadilly line.

  • Victoria Line (Light Blue)

The Victoria Line departs from Brixton in the South and ends in Walthamstow Central in the East. Cool thing about this line is that all their stations are humpbacked, meaning that their trains gather energy as it slows down into a station and then releases it as they leave, This saves 5% of the energy used and makes the trains 9% faster.

  • Waterloo and City Line (Turquoise Line)

This line is our shortest line on the underground, In fact it only covers two stations. Those being Waterloo and Bank. Waterloo is a very grand station that has trains that will take you all over England, Bank has connections to a few other lines and is in the heart of the City of London

So we’ve talked about all the major Underground lines, hopefully you’ll be able to take something from this, whether it be remembering the lines by¬†colour or using it to find out how to get to the¬†Centrer¬†of London.

For some more information about the Lines take a look at a Tube Map

More on travelling and holidaying in London in a later post ūüôā

Reasons to Write a Travel Blog.

There’s so many reasons to write a travel blog,¬† Here I’m going to highlight just a few of them…

To make memories.

There’s so many things that we see on a day to day basis that we’d love to write down somewhere to keep a memory of it, and what better time to start then when your off on holiday seeing amazing things! Think of it like your personal diary but instead of all your secrets you write everything that you’ve seen and done. In my opinion it’s probably one of the easiest things to write so why not give it a go? It’s also great to keep after you’ve traveled to show the people you know or may come to know.

To keep up with people while you’re away.

Its a fantastic way to keep in touch with people back at home and telling them all about your travels, all they have to log on to the computer and BAM! There’s your latest post ready for friends and family to have a flick through.

Informing people.

Blogs are a great way to get a point across, or even teach someone. On your travels you might come across something that you think is worth fighting for, perhaps its human rights or maybe you want to do some work for a charity organization that you met. The blog is the perfect way to tell people about your ideas or even bring in some money.

Way to meet new people.

It’s a great way to meet new people, if you correctly optimize services like social networking websites, you will find yourself meeting people like you, people who are writing travel blogs, it might even be a great way to connect to fellow travelers when you are out and about.

The best reason.. For you.

It’s important for you to get a load off of your brain, so write some of it down. Traveling can be tough, sometimes you need another outlet so blogging your thoughts/memories/worries can work very well.

This post can go for anything, whether your blogging about you trek halfway across the world or even just about what goes on in your backyard, I’d recommend writing a blog to anyone.

10 Important Things to Remember When Going on Holiday.

Traveling abroad can be massive amounts of fun, although you want to make sure you and whoever you are holidaying with are safe. During my endless surfing sessions of the web I’ve Things you might need on your holidaycompiled a top ten list of things to remember whilst traveling, here goes..

1.¬† First and probably most important for trying to leave the country, Remember your passport and travel documentation (Tickets and/or itinerary’s) . If you don’t have those things, your pretty much stuffed.

If you’ve got a lot of traveling to do it’s probably a good idea to keep all important documents/passports in the same place!

Make copies of your passports and when you are on your holiday keep the important things in a hotel safe don’t carry it around with you on excursions out.

2.¬† Make sure you have Travel Insurance, God forbid anything happen you don’t want to be caught off guard, shop around for good deals with your insurance but don’t skimp on anything, make sure you read what your policy covers and doesn’t cover.

3.  Try not to take valuables with you, Jewelry and expensive technology (Laptops, Mobile Phones) will be a burden to carry with you and another thing to worry about the whole time. If you want to take things like cameras then make sure they are on your person somewhere that you can keep track of it at all times.

4. Money! A very important part of the holiday, being caught without money is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you whilst in a foreign country. If you’re traveling with credit cards take two, one that you will use when out and about, this one you want to carry with you as normal. The second one will be back up, keep it stashed in a suitcase and remember where it is.¬† You can do the same with notes if you plan to carry this with you, put some in different places so you always have some somewhere.

5. Get a book about the country or countries you are visiting, learn as much as you can about the culture before you travel. Guide books will usually tell you about the good/bad places in  a city, so take that into account. Also make use of websites like Trip Advisor, the forums are great for getting a feel of the area you are going to.

6. Make lists. Write down the things you need for your trip, and tick them off as you buy them and add them to your suitcase. As a woman I know that feeling you get when packing that you need those extra pair of shoes because they go with that outfit, but trust me you don’t want to be carrying around huge suitcases all the time. If you are going on a trip like mine with a lot of travel on trains then it might be a better idea to take backpacks instead of suitcases, they will fit easier on the train plus they are so much easier to carry.

7. If you are traveling to an area of high risk remember to get yourself and your family vaccinated in the right amount of time before you leave. You might also want to take mosquito nets depending on the place you are holidaying.

8. Make sure you are punctual for all traveling times, have your itinerary to hand at all times so you can get an idea of the times that you need to be at the airport or station. The transport waits for nobody ūüėõ

9. Always remember to fix your house before you leave, Lock everything including windows. Tell a neighbor that you’re going away and leave them with a key if you need someone to feed the fish or water the plants. Throw away perishable foods from you fridge and cupboards.

10. Remember to have fun! It’s your holiday so enjoy it.

Hello WordPress!

So, this is the first of my hopefully many blog posts about my familys upcoming trip to Finland. this time next year, in summer 2011 we will be set to embark on a trek across Europe and Scandinavia. Starting of in our hometown of London, England, we will travel through 7 countries eventually ending up in Lapland, Finland.

My blogging will be mainly about how we are planning for the trip, things we will need to be prepared for, items we will be taking with us, things we plan to see and do in the countries we stay in, where we will stay and much much more.