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The Travel Itinerary.

We have worked out an itinerary that we will use to get to Finland, At first we were going via Brussels and Cologne as this is said to be the fastest route, after some deliberation we decided that we should travel to Finland and stop off in a few of the countries we cross on the way, so here we go, this is our final travel itinerary.

London – Amsterdam by Eurostar

Stay in Amsterdam for three nights.

Amsterdam – Copenhagen by City Night Train

Stay in Copenhagen for two nights

Copenhagen – Stockholm by X2000

Stay in Stockholm for two nights

Stockholm – Helsinki by Tallink Sijia

Stay in Helsinki for two nights.

Helsinki – Rovaniemi by Sleeper Train.

We haven’t yet decided on where to stay once we get to Lapland, we will be staying for 1 – 2 weeks so I’ll update at some point when we have officially decided where we are going.

On our journey we will take breaks in-between traveling to see the sights in a the Scandinavian city’s. We have never been to any of the cities that we will be staying in so this will be a whole new adventure for us, also none of us speak the language so we will have to brush up on our Danish/Swedish and Finnish!

This is our plan for the moment, It may change between now and Summer next year but for now I’ll be writing about these countries and the transport we’ll be using.