Day 13: Take a Trip to the Mall

Today’s post is going to count for Monday’s post and today’s post, Out and About: London, will continue next week

So, we didn’t go to a mall or to our local high street for the challenge we decided to take an expedition out into a bustling Monday London. We got ourselves up and out for 11 and didn’t get back till 12:23pm, so yeah, it was a pretty long day! Needless to say we fell into bed the moment we walked through our front door.

Our day started off from the local train station to get us into London, It’s a really short journey and there’s some great things to see as you enter into the city. We came in from the south so we saw the Gherkin and Tower Bridge from the train.

Once we reached London Bridge station we grabbed the tube (Jubilee Line) to take us to Westminster, this wasn’t our original plan (we were meant to get the tube straight to Leicester Square to pick up cinema tickets) but I’m glad we decided to take the walk down Whitehall, I got some great pictures of the architecture and got to see a part of London that I don’t go to very often.

We wandered past the War memorials,  Downing Street and then through Horse Guards Parade out into this huge area with big square buildings all around, It reminded me somewhat of a palace that should be in a movie somewhere, thinking about it it probably was…

We saw a CID Police car (Criminal Investigation Department) sitting on the road just watching all the people walking past, It was the first time I’d ever seen them, we usually just have our normal police cars on the street but this one was red and stuck out like a sore thumb, we also saw some SWAT police near Downing Street, so that was two new experiences in under 10 minutes 😛

We then crossed the road and ended up in St.James Park, It’s really beautiful and strangely calming even though it was so crowded. They had so many different trees and wildlife,Theriver was full of fish all swarming together, the swans were all cleaning themselves there were about 3 white swans the rest were all young adults, still very pretty, There’s no such thing as an ugly duckling!

After coming out of St.James with our delicious 99p flakes, which were not by any stretch of the imagination 99p! We walked past Buckingham palace, The union jack was flying over the palace so the queen wasn’t there (If the Union flag is up the Queen is not in residence and at times of national mourning or royal family deaths it flies half mast).

Next up was green park, past the model who was having her photos taken in some really beautiful dresses.. and shoes! Past a huge dig site which really killed the beauty of the park and onto the main road and The Ritz, we walked round the back streets, past a really pretty pub and that’s something that really struck me today, I’d never really noticed it before but the pubs we walked past were really pretty, they all seemed to have flowers blooming on the outside them.

We walked through the Piccadilly arcade, It had some cute boutique shops, some really expensive boutique shops at that. Once that really caught my eye was a jewellery shop, it had a letter from Dame Helen Mirren in the window! The Jewellery was all simple, and all very shiny 😛

We walked past the Royal Academy of Arts, It’s an amazing building, I’d love to go to school there! Wandering around all these grand buildings made me really appreciate living in London.

Piccadilly Circus was just as busy as it usually is, People everywhere, bumping into about 30 separate people on your way through it, Piccadilly Circus is a bit like New York’s, Times Square, New York’s is on a larger scale but London manages to squeeze a ton of advertising in there.

We finally got to Leicester Square and bought our tickets at the Odeon to see Inception at 20:30pm. We decided this would be better than the 17:00 showing, how wrong were we? Very wrong..

Jim needed a fix of Burger King so we sat and ate for a little while in what has to be the most disgusting burger king ever, I won’t be going back there for a while, the food was tasty as Burger King generally is but it looks terrible, don’t even get me started on the bathrooms…

Covent Garden was our next stop, as usual they had the Street entertainers working the crowd, I recognise two of them from a few years back who must be there pretty regularly. I managed to snap some cool pictures of them and then we were on our way. We took a tiny detour into to The Royal Opera House, which has apparently changed completely from when mum used to go there when she was younger.

We made our way to The British museum on foot, One tip for anyone travelling to London: don’t go when the schools have all broken up for summer holidays! The amount of people around yesterday was crazy, The British Museum was great though, we didn’t see too much of it because we all wanted to sit down and chill for a bit but what we did see was really cool, we went into 4 rooms (Living and Dying, American History, Aztec’s and The Kings Library). The British Museum doesn’t change its main exhibits regularly, I’ve seen the Aztec exhibit about 4 or 5 times, but its great each and every one of them 🙂

We came out of the Museum at about 17:30, we sat down at a cafe to have a little drink and then we were on our way again, We stopped at Forbidden Planet for ages (Forbidden Planet is a cool shop filled with geeky things, Books, Comics, Mini statues, Cards, you name it..) We spent a while browsing in there, picking up some signed books on the way. We slowly made our way back to Leicester Square for a bite to eat although none of use were hungry.

At 20:00 we went to the Odeon to see Inception, It took about half an hour for me to get into the film, I felt it started off a little bit slow but it did pick up eventually, the animation was really amazing, definatly go see it if you haven’t already..

So, what did we learn for Day 13?

Not to much, although we did see a lot of marketing schemes, such as the huge advertising boards in Piccadilly, the human advertisements around shops. We probably didn’t do as much work as we should have done but hey, kudos to pro-blogger for dragging us away from our screens for the day! 😀

I took tons more pictures, If you’re interested check out my Flickr


2 responses to this post.

  1. London’s on my to do list! Although I’ve technically been there- I don’t think it counts when you’re 7 months old!


  2. Ooooh beautiful and what a fun day you had exploring! I didn’t know they break school’s summer holiday there. 😀


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