Introduction to the family

"Where we begin our journey"

There are four of us who will be going on the trip, my mum Kittie, my younger sister Kristen, my boyfriend Jim and me Gemma.

We also have a dog called Fig, we are going to have to leave him behind (In kennels) as taking him would be cruel because of all the travel, in fact he can hardly sit still for 5 minutes when we are at home let alone traveling on trains for over 10 hours! I can say from experience that he would not enjoy that. (We traveled with him once before on a weeks holiday down south to Charmouth, the journey was about 5 hours by train and by the time the train got to the other end Fig was practically ready to tear up and down the carriages!) As part of my blog I’m also going to be writing about Fig, and his holiday too 🙂

The four of us live together in London and we enjoy traveling, since I can remember we have always been going on holiday, but one of the continents I would say is least explored by us is Europe, although living in England we have had perfect opportunity we usually go abroad to places like America or Japan, So I’m looking forward to exploring the places nearer to home.

Traveling will be a big part of the adventure for us as we are going to get to Finland without using planes, Yes it would probably be cheaper and yes it’s definitely a hell of a lot faster! but traveling across the unfamiliar terrain is something very exciting that will hopefully add to the whole experience.

My plan is to carry a camera with me and shoot as much of the holiday as I can, I will also be writing a travel diary and I will be uploading that on here (probably as a separate blog) once we are back home.

So that’s basically us, Thanks for reading and update soon.


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